Art should be unexpected, subversive, anti-cultural,
subtly touching on taboos,
slightly shocking, thought-provoking, disruptive, confusing.

"L' Abri de L' Artiste"

an art-laboratory aimed at the promotion of visual artists


My name is Marina Barthélémy.

I am a project-manager

and an independent curator.

I created the agency “L’Abri de l’Artiste” in February 2023 to promote emerging and established artists.

I have a lot of professional experience teaching history and cultural mediation. Furthermore, I have an extensive network of contacts in the art world.

I can guarantee the high quality of my artists and their work.

I can help to develop

an individual career strategy

that will result in

Increased quality of art projects

Wider audience

Sales growth

Counselling and curating services

Providing consultations and conducting examinations
for collectors or art lovers

Organization of art exhibitions

and providing sale support

Verification of contracts and other documentation,

supporting with communications, logistics and other technical issues

Engagement in the artwork production

Career development strategies,

schedule development

Are YOU an artist or an art collector?
Natasha Onufrieva
Natasha Onufrieva is a painter,
born in Moscow, Russia.
Natasha's professional life has a strong connection to the South of France and Spain where she lives today.
We met at the beginning of 2020. Since then, we have become good friends and have formed a professional duo.
In March 2022 I suggested that Natasha participates in the charity auction dedicated to children having issues with motor skills. Her painting «On the Coast» (from the series «A Woman is not a Toy») was sold for a high price at the Auction of the Encore Charity Foundation that took place in the Ritz Carlton in Moscow.
Thanks to the collaboration with the project «Arte Vivo - Art with Purpose», we exhibited two pictures from the series «Vitamins» at SPECTRUM, Art Basel Miami in December 2022 .
We also had a chance to participate in the Salon des artistes français at the Grand Palais Ephémère in February 2023. That was a great experience. Natasha’s painting «Au coin» of the series «Les Femmes» was selected by the jury of this very prestigious art fair to be exposed at the Salon .
Natasha was honoured to be a selected artist for London Art Biennale 2023 with the painting 'Jelly Bear' from the 'Sweet Robbery' series. I was glad to represent Natasha at this highly important art fair.
Ruslana Nosàk
Ruslana is young painter,
born in Ulyanovsk, Russia.
Her life has always been a big journey. She lived in Moscow, Berlin, Istanbul, Vienna, Barcelona, Tbilisi and more.
Every new place has enriched her artistic imagination.
Our paths crossed in Russia and in Germany,
and I hope to see her in France soon.
We successfully collaborated on a collective exhibition in the Contemporary Art Centre “Fabrica“ in Moscow in July 2021. Ruslana exhibited three of her art works. She also worked as an architect of the exhibition while I was an organizer and curator.
We are currently planning to present her paintings at the international art fairs in Europe.
Jan Maris
Jan Maris is an established painter
living and working in Amsterdam.
We have been friends for more than twenty years and every time we meet, we spend hours and hours talking about art and artists.
Jan Maris is one of the most amazing painters
I've ever known. He works in the best traditions
of Dutch realism and applies a lot of techniques from the past, from Renaissance up to the XIXth century.
We have a lot of exchanges about exhibitions,
art fairs, galleries, their selection criteria,
art quality, marketing strategies,
social media, and artist promotion.
The Museum of Edible Earth,
masharu studio, Amsterdam
I was an all-round studio assistant in 2021 and 2022.
It was an inspiring experience as well as a challenge.
My first task was to organize the database of the museum’s collection in a new way.
We spent a lot of time editing the exhibition catalog and arranging the samples on the shelves in the studio.
I was curious to taste the different samples of clay soil. It was quite an amazing work for me to develop a taste map and describe the tastes of the Earth using the same vocabulary as we use for our regularly food e.g. salty, sweet, bitter, or sour.
The Museum of Edible Earth is a cross-disciplinary project founded by a creative Dr. masharu. Its collection consists of samples of edible soil from all over the world. The Museum invites the audience to test their knowledge about food and cultural traditions using creative thinking.
Julia Winter,
Amsterdam - Singapore
Julia Winter is a multidisciplinary artist with a rich international career. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, both collective and solo, across the globe. Her multicultural perspective, shaped by life experiences in various countries and a sensitivity to urgent political and social issues, profoundly influences her artistic vision.
We met during the Amsterdam Art Week in June 2023. As Julia's agent, I represented her at the "Art Outreach Singapore" with the project "Dolls: Embracing the Extraordinary." Additionally, I contributed to improve Julia's portfolio for the "Foundwork Art" platform (
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